4/22 Environmental & Racial Justice Event and Registration

Saturday, April 22nd     10 am - noon
Our focus will be on Climate & Racial issues in our Community. Do you see them? 

Environmental justice and racial justice are not mutually exclusive issues, but overlap and intersect into a complicated and complex challenge!

Our guest speaker will be Ilka Vega, national Executive for Economic and Environmental Justice for the United Women in Faith. After her presentation, we will have Table Talk in small groups to discuss how these issues affect our communities and what we can do as individuals and collectively.

This is our fourth annual Racial Justice event providing advocates and allies the opportunity to learn about racial justice issues, providing you the opportunity to hear from a variety of voices. Prevous years have been in person, and we've done virtual events too. This year will be a hybrid, with both in-person (for the most meaningful) and virtual options. 

The host church will be Northaven UMC, 11211 Preston Rd., Dallas TX 75230

Registration below. No charge. 
Organized by Ruth Bowen, Social Action Coordinator, NTC UWF



Featuring Ilka Vega, our national Executive for Economic and Environmental Justice for United Women in Faith


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